Enter Your Address

v How do I order?

Ø Enter your zip code or click on the hotel you are staying in

Ø Select from the available locations

Ø Select from the menu, include any special instructions at this time, choose sides and amounts for selected items

Ø Proceed to checkout, create an account or continue as a guest

Ø Verify delivery address and payment

Ø Relax and enjoy

v Do I have to create an account?

Ø No, you can order as a guest at any time

v Is there a benefit to creating an account?

Ø Yes, for every $20 spent you can accrue 100 points. There is a $15 discount after 1500 points. Points only accrue to accounts.

v When I check out, what are all the fees I see?

Ø You will see fees for state taxes, delivery, fuel, and suggested tip for driver

Ø The only editable fee is the tip, scroll to the bottom of the page and select from the drop-down menu

v I live in an area not covered, can I still get delivery?

Ø Currently we only deliver to the listed zip codes. These will be expanded as more locations become available

v Is it one fee to anywhere in the listed zip codes

Ø No, fees are based on the distance between the location and the delivery address

Ø Fees currently range from $5 to $20

v My favorite location is not on your site.

Ø If you have a suggested location please have them contact us through the listed email above